At efc CO , we believe that our growing family of employees are our brand’s most valuable asset. Being then long-life partners in our journey towards success, we invest in employee training as a cornerstone for constant evolution, as well as a true reflection of our hospitality culture. Our aim is to create a consistent benchmark that enhances our guest experience whenever they choose to dine in any of our restaurants. We believe that training is crucial for from top to bottom level, following specific values and scopes:

Developing Talent

Many employees start in entry-level positions and work their way up into higher level jobs. Byunholding takes the time to train its team, recognizing the best talents that can be promoted for higher management positions,creating an empowering work culture where employees are always keen to develop and succeed.

Teamwork and Diversity Training

Eastfoods team is perceived as one unit by customers. Therefore, acquiring essential service and communication skills is key to leave a lasting impression on guests from diverse backgrounds. Teamwork training and diversity training ensure our employees know how to work together under pressure providing a unified experience for guests while serving delicious food with a contagious smile.

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