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500 A. D.
Legend narrates that the goats of the Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi serendipitously ate the leaves and berries of a coffee plant and began wandering about with an energy and vivacity that they had never manifested before.
The shepherd brought the magical fruit to a nearby convent where the monks made a hot, bitter beverage that soon became famous throughout the Arab world.

1450 A. D.
From Ethiopia the use of coffee spread to the surrounding area, when the first coffee plantation arose in Yemen, in the region of Kafa, the land which was to give this beverage its name. The cultivation of coffee eventually spread in Arabia and in Egypt, where coffee soon became a daily habit.

1528 A. D.
Even today, it is still uncertain whether the first recorded shipment of coffee unloaded in the west went Marseilles or Venice 1528. From there it reached all the European capitals, soon becoming one fo the most popular beverages, after wine and beer.

1720 A. D.
Around the year 1720, some plants left France, headed to the French West Indies.
The ships landed in Martinique, where a flourishing cultivation of coffee began. Then, having found favourable climates and terrains, spread throughout all Central and South America.

Today Manuel Caffè is synonymous with Italian flavour worldwide. We are present in 65 countries and on five continents with products that embody a very precise vision: the mission to offer gourmets and coffee lovers the perfect coffee, fruit of a combination of impeccable processing, true passion, constant innovation, and refined blends, interpreters of a long tradition.

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